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Creole Seasoning

With freshly ground coriander, tomato, celery, cayenne, thyme, garlic, lemon, and more, our take on a traditional Creole seasoning brings bold and complex flavors into one ultra-versatile spice blend. 

Initial flavors of umami from the tomato, earthy celery and heat from the cayenne is balanced with herby citrus notes in the body of the blend, while you’re left with mellow and cooling hints of coriander. 

Use this all-purpose blend in any Cajun and Creole recipes. Try it on shrimp, fish and chicken, or in boils and stews, and red beans and rice. Other application ideas include braised beef, compound butters, sauces and dressings, French fries, roasted root vegetables, and more. 

Want to layer the flavor? Pair this with our Cajun-inspired Black Magic or Black & Bleu blends for a more complex herbaceous and earthy flavor profile. 

1.30 LBS
Creole spice blend seasoning front