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Chef Sean “Pooch” Rivera Interview

Don’t let his cutie Instagram handle of @foodiepatutie fool you. Chef Sean Rivera cut his teeth in the New Orleans culinary scene, working his way up the line, opening restaurants, and now after almost 25 years he’s one of the most well-connected, celebrated and respected chefs in the state of Louisiana.

Known as Pooch to friends, family and everyone else, he’s also been named Pit Master Champion by the Culinary Fight Club, a Chef to Watch and Best Chefs of Louisiana by Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine, Co-Host of the Walk-In Talk Podcast, plus a Creole Culinary Ambassador of Louisiana.

We caught up with him for our Periodically Inspired chef Q&A series that takes a deep dive into a chef’s story and inspiration. Check out the full interview below:

Chef, restaurateur, entrepreneur - what’s your favorite role right now?

“As cliche’ as it may sound - it's being a dad. Because I have finally made it to that pinnacle in my career.

I’m loving being a consultant right now. I always wondered how to make that transition into being a consultant and then one day the phone just didn't stop ringing and people were asking ‘hey, what do you think about this and how much would you charge?’ And just like that - I started being a consultant.

It's all about being able to build relationships. Normally, chefs are back of house and looking at four walls, and every once in a while they're greeting tables. Now, I find myself in a position to polish those longstanding relationships I've cultivated, sharing ideas, and providing consultation where needed. It's a great feeling. It’s freedom, and I wish that for everyone.”