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Chef Robbie Felice Interview

There’s a good chance you recognize Chef Robbie Felice - and no, not just because of that glorious man bun. The press, VIP events, social media, brands, and of course his diners are all having an ever-growing love affair with this Jersey-born chef who seems to be unstoppably everywhere all at once.

As Executive Chef and Owner of New Jersey’s Osteria Crescendo, Viaggio Ristorante, Fatto Con Amore, and Pasta Ramen (the first-ever Italian Ramen shop), the James Beard-nominated Chef Robbie speaks in a language of pasta, salumi and wagyu. And - turns out - people LOVE that language, especially when it’s so excellently and innovatively executed on the plate.

We sat down with Robbie for Spiceology’s Periodically Inspired interview series that takes a deep dive into a chef’s process and inspiration. Read the full interview and get to know him below:

People around you, music, books, travel, research - where do you find inspiration when you create new dishes?

“I think chefs and restaurant owners need to be asked this question daily because it gets lost these days. For me inspiration is everywhere. I’ve always been a work, work, work type of person because I love what I’m doing. I don't need to take a week vacation to find inspiration - that being said, I do find myself inspired when I do work with the Farm at Glenwood Mountain, I love going there. Seasons are always a source of inspiration, and I get so excited for a new one.

Years ago, I was able to do a lot of traveling around Europe and staged along the way, and I find myself always thinking back to those kitchens. I’m still whipping out old notebooks from then.

I also have my old cookbooks, or simply going online, I mean you can teach yourself anything on Youtube. It doesn't take much for me to get inspired: like something as simple as the weather or a person I meet, or just getting back in the kitchen with my team.”