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Chef Nate Weir Interview

There’s a reason QSRs (quick service restaurants) keep experiencing year-over-year growth and have a projected market size of $454 billion by 2030* - well, at least one reason we can get behind… menus filled with super fresh ingredients that gain an almost cult-like following - like the menus created by Chef Nate Weir.

As Vice President of Culinary at Modern Market Eatery, Chef Nate brings an energetic and healthy obsession around ingredients and scratch-made dishes. On a mission to serve whole, clean and sustainable food by using every inch of an ingredient and minimizing as much waste as possible, Chef Nate is converting the masses to ditch the drive thru and try something new.

We sat down with Nate for Spiceology’s Periodically Inspired interview series that dives deep into a chef’s psyche to talk about inspiration, process, menu planning, and a lot more. Read the full interview and get to know him below:

People around you, music, books, travel, research - where do you find inspiration when you create new dishes?

“I went to culinary school specifically for farm-to-table, so I always start with the season. What’s going on outside? Certain times a year, I start to have a hankering for what’s coming into season so I go from there.

But I try to cast a wide net, and I naturally have broad interests. My Spotify playlists tend to rabbit hole, and I kind of cook the same way. I cook at home for my family, which is amazing because I’m able to decompress.

Every week we do a “Spontaneous Saturday” where I cook something new and different just to challenge myself and keep things interesting. My routine on Saturday morning is that I write a menu for the entire week, and my 4-year-old and I go grocery shopping.

It’s what’s beautiful about food - there is always something new and exciting to try. You never stop learning.”