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Chef Molly De Mers Interview

If the future is now - Executive Chef Molly De Mers just might be in the lead to run the world. Or, at the very least, set landmark new culinary creativity and sustainability standards to inspire future generations.

She’s the first female executive chef to open a major professional sports arena. And not just any arena - Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle - the most sustainable arena in the world. She’s also a force - exceptionally capable, charismatic and utterly passionate about all things food. Chef Molly is sharing a story of elevated event food and sustainability with the masses.

But just how did this landlocked Nevada native help lead the green movement in the Emerald City? We sat down with Molly for Spiceology’s Periodically Inspired interview series that dives deep into a chef’s psyche to talk about inspiration, process, running an arena, meditation, and a lot more. Read the full interview and get to know her below:

People around you, music, books, travel, research - where do you find inspiration when you create new dishes?

“Traveling - I love to go and immerse myself in other cultures. That creates instant inspiration. On a day-to-day basis, I’m a huge fan of water, and I’ll get in the water and on my paddle board and meditate. I’m big on self preservation and meditation. Once I do that the ideas just flow.”

When did you first find a love of cooking?

“I was a child wanting to be around my French Canadian grandparents all the time - especially while they cooked because it brought people together. I grew up eating oxtail, abalone and cow tongue sandwiches - very French Canadian and humble food. I became consumed with cooking by the time I hit 15. I became obsessed with creating experiences that would move people.

The number one thing for me is to be genuinely passionate about what I’m doing. If I’m not connected to the project or dish, it's an uphill battle. I need to feel connected, and so far at Climate Pledge Arena, it’s been a playground. To be honest, I want to pinch myself every day.”