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Spiceology is a chef-focused company from ideation to execution. - Jet Tila, Executive Chef/TV Personality
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Our culinary team takes great pleasure collaborating with the chefs at Spiceology. Premium, thoughtful ingredients are central to what we do at Shake Shack, so we love working with partners that put as much craft and care into their work as we do. The Spiceology team is always excited to dig deep in the spice world and help us develop new and exciting flavor combinations for special menu items. - John Karangis, Executive Chef & Vice President of Culinary Innovation, Shake Shack
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We have tried different companies and are constantly on the search for the best quality products. Time and time again, Spiceology lands on top. - Adam Hegsted, Chef/Owner at Eat Good Group
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Most people don’t realize how important sourcing and freshness is when it comes to spices, not one paprika is the same to another. - Brad Kilgore, Culinary Director at The Concours Club
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Spiceology is where deliciousness, creativity, and reliability collide. Bold, exciting, unique flavor profiles that you can count on whether you’re working the line, cooking for friends, or crafting your new signature dish. They’re a game-changer for every chef, and a must-have in every kitchen. - Chef Dennis Prescott